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We specialise in building quality web sites and applications quickly and inexpensively for businesses in Reading.

Based in Berkshire and serving businesses in and around Maidenhead, we've been developing and providing innovative web-based solutions since 2000. We are specialists in harnessing the power of the web to deliver tangible results for businesses, quickly and effectively.

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The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Whether you are looking for a uniquely designed Content Management System (CMS) powered website, to build a bespoke complex web site or application with lots of functionalty/features, provide a mobile version of your current website, put in place a CRM system to strengthen your customer relationships, manage your on-line marketing campaigns more cost-effectively or simply understand how you can use the web to increase the profitability of your company, we can help. Being only a stone throw away from Reading, we are happy to pop-in and talk to you about your requirements.

Not only do with design and develop websites and web applications, we can also provide you with a fast reliable email and web hosting service at a very competitive rate.

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Our services

Web application development

Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming

Web applications are designed to be accessed via a web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. A shopping cart, online banking, Facebook, Twitter, etc are good examples of web applications.

We can combine and convert a lot of your business processes into a single web application with the primary aim of reducing business operating cost - anything from a simple product/service ordering form to complex business management software. We can also web-enable applications built in Excel or Ms Access.

Many people confuse website design and web application development. Website design focuses on presenting users with content whereas web applications allows users to directly interact with your business.

Whether you are looking to build a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a Business Extranet, or a custom Shopping Cart system, we are confident we can deliver a web based application to suit your requirements and budget.

Using proven license-free technologies (e.g. PHP, MySQL, JQuery, etc) and Agile/RAD development methodologies, we are able to develop and deliver fully working web applications quickly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & on-line marketing

What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form

Several factors influence the position of a site in the search results. They can be divided into external and internal ranking factors. Internal ranking factors are those that are controlled by you (text, layout, etc.) and external ranking factors are controlled by such things as inbound links.

Our SEO service is aimed at giving your website the best possible chance of succeeding in search engines. We use tried and tested techniques to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website - such as:

  • Internal and external link building.
  • Writing unique content that includes frequently searched keyword phrase.
  • Adding relevant meta data.
  • Restructuring pages within your website.
  • Social media network strategy development.

We follow best practice and advice set by search engines (e.g. Google and Bing) to ensure that your website is given the best possible chance to rank high in search results.

Please note that we can not guarantee positions because we do not control these search engines.

Website design service

The most innovative designers consciously reject the standard option box and cultivate an appetite for thinking wrong.

Our creative web design team utilises principles of good web design to build websites that deliver an exceptional user experience to your website visitors, whilst maintaining your brand values and identity. We don't use templates, so the website we design for you will be unique to you - a custom website design service.

We understand that your website must look good, so we make every effort to ensure your website stands out from the crowd - a website that will leave a positive and lasting impression on your visitors.

We believe in giving you total control of your website, so we deliver all our search engine friendly websites on simple to use Content Management Systems (CMS).

If you are looking to add 3rd party web services to your website, these are just a few of the API's we have worked it: EventFul API, SecPay, Vue cinema API, BitsOnTheRun, Socially.At, Highways Agency, NHS Content Syndication, Data.Gov.UK, Zoopla, indeed,, Openly Local, WorldPay, LiveDrive, Viddler, Network Solutions, UK Foreign Office, Company House, FixMyStreet, Google Maps/Places, and if what you are looking for is not listed here, we are confident we can integrate it.


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What our clients are saying

If there's one company that can take an idea and run with it it's Creotec. Working with them is quite an experience - invigorating, challenging, illuminating and always great fun.

In addition to their expertise and experience, Creotec offers the highest level of customer care and support. It often feels as though they're part of an in-house team rather than an external supplier. I would have no hesitation recommending their services to others.

Creotec were an integral part of the team that created our new website and on-line shop. Not only did they help develop all our ideas in to workable aspects of the site, they were excellent at training us in how to use the content management system.

We have worked with Creotec on several e-commerce projects over the last five years. On each occasion they were able to quickly identify our requirements and provide a solution that was on time and in budget.

Our client


Some of our clients include

Currencies Direct Collins Babyblooms Pratham UK ALAE Union

These clients and many more keep coming back to us because they've discovered the solutions we provide deliver real business value, giving them a competitive advantage.

The website is MOBILE DEVICE AWARE! - it's responsive (changes shape to suit mobile phones and tablets)

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